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Pb 10 mid....thoughts??

It seems right in the button from the reviews, small headed, smooth, some say soft, open pattern, nice weight for some modification, like a pt600 rather than the classic in feel with an open pattern. Head shape like yonex looks like it plays bigger than it is.....

After hitting with the pro stock pim pim I was enamoured with how that stick played and if it wasnt too head heavy for its weight then I'd of bought the three that were on offer. These were basically rdx500 mids that were specced in the factory for pim pim. Problem is getting hold of a couple they seem rather difficult to find so any help here would be great....

I'm playing very well atm with the mg600 and with my added weight it feels very like my pt600 I once used but the feel its not dissimilar to the yonex pro stock, but I am thinking the open pattern might get me out of problems given the head size and better opponents coming up.....??
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