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Originally Posted by el sergento View Post
Honestly, I wouldn't go that low, especially with tourbite. TB is powerful and can get hard to control, so in the YTPP, I'd stay north of 53/2. Rule of thumb is best to go a bit too high than to go too low. If it's too high, it'll eventually loosen and become playable, if you string to low, you're boned.
Not to be argumentative the reason I thought he would be fine at 45 is that he's finding the ytpp low powered and wants some punch. He's coming from the apd and the stroke production is quite different in my experience.

Plus don't forget that you're using the softer cross and that def helps on the power side.

For my own setup, I always loved full Typhoon at 59/57, it was a beast.

BTW you're spot on with those mods! They transform the ytpp.
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