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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

Nice post up. Very interesting. Too interesting. Here I am cooling a bit to the idea of the Exo Tour and now I'm reading about what a phenomenal 2hbh frame it is, how the string holes crisp the feel etc etc etc!

Q. Just how solid and stable does the frame seem to you? How does it compare to a Pres Pro? Or... hmmm... an APD?


Ross, IMO the frame is very stable. Much more than the APD. It must be the flex, but on serve returns I am making such solid contact for having a stick under 12 ozs. It has been a long time since I used the prestige pro, but I think the EXO is better from my experiences. A few reasons..the prestige has a small sweet spot, and mishits plus the lower power of the frame makes it easier to cough up a short ball. It also has more power and spin, which is super important for me. Not sure on the stability, but so far the EXO has excelled in this department for me, even though others have not had the same experience. I also believe the frame is much more solid than an APD, but the Babs are built with that hollow feel as it is. To be honest, my current opinion is that this is a better racquet when you factor in the immense comfort as well.

Example of where the EXO also shines for me is short balls that are below the net..they are tougher for me to pick up and send back with most sticks besides spin ones like APD, Tfight..etc, but I never missed one last night with the EXO. Hit clean winners off that extra spin and whippiness REALLY helps me out in that situation.

I would love to see if you can get a demo of it because I know you always want to get your backhand better as well...just so you know, I would say mine is similar to Devil's from watching his vids..straight takeback, closed stance (except when pulled wide) arms close to body and I add lots of top. a huge reason I did so well last night was my backhand was a weapon instead of just a rally ball. I was able to put the ball in either corner with heavy pace, and he was not prepared for that...this is a guy that used to tell me I was "all forehand" when he was teasing, and he was right. I would be interested in seeing if you have the same experience. Don't get me wrong. I have really worked on my footwork and my backhand over the past year, but it never has clicked in so quickly with a racquet..the runner up to this would be the 7G.

As for TB in the prestige pro..I would go with PED and string lower, but I swear the hybrid is the way to go. Full poly robs racquets of a lot of power and feel, and if you want to see the full potential of the stick you really really should throw a synth gut in the crosses. My setup is 52/56 in the EXO.

I have a reel of Dunlop Explosiv poly (anyone ever use this? lol). It is a stiffer poly similar to Lux but not as harsh...I will be stringing this up tonight with Prince Original synth gut in the EXO to see how a brand new crispy setup feels in it..the Lux/OGSM is dead.

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