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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

If you weren't using sillicone and opted for lead, HOW MUCH lead would you have in the butt counteracting the 3g @ 12. Pretty curious here. BTW, like the pics.
Hi Ross,

Lead is perfect for the mod. I only use silicone once I'm 100% confident in the specs.

With the PPro, keep in mind that I swapped out the leather for a synthetic grip, so, as a result you have to compensate for the weight difference in the handle on top of the extra weight in the hoop.

I recommend ditching the leather because the synthetic is lighter, and so when you add the weight in the butt to compensate for the missing weight, you'll end up with a more headlight balance, despite being at the exact same weight as with the leather, making for a more maneuverable frame.

In all, I added some 7-8 grams, 5 or so to compensate for the synthetic and 3 to counter balance and get to my preferred balance of at least 6 pts hl.
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