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Default Yoga Is Magic!

I went to a yoga class this morning. I have been to yoga maybe twice before and found it a reasonable way to spend an hour but nothing special.

I think I have changed my mind.

The reason I went is because my chiropractor, my PT, my OS and pretty much every medical professional I have met in the last five years has told me I am tight tight tight tight. It is the first thing they say when they examine me.

Well, now I'm dealing with a rhomboid strain, a muscle imbalance, muscle weakness, and nerve irritation that sometimes feels like a cell phone is vibrating inside my arm. My PT suggested yoga. Hence the yoga.

I showed up for the class and introduced myself to the teacher, telling her I was a newbie. Unfortunately, the class was crowded and I had to be right in front with the teacher. I am very, very, very inflexible and tight. That's just the way I roll, but it is embarrassing to have everyone witness it.

This teacher was the best. She kept coming over and giving me extra equipment and little tricks to have better form. After one hour, my arm, shoulder and back felt better than it has in months.

I have only one quibble. The lady next to me kept looking at me with evident disapproval. After a while, she couldn't restrain herself anymore and started correcting me: "Put your weight on the outside of your foot." I thanked her and all, as she was correct. But still. I thought you were supposed to focus on your own deal in yoga. Don't judge me!

I have recruited a friend to do yoga with me, and I can't wait to do it again!
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