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I think poly at 60 lbs is a waste. The poly can't give you it's unique benifits at tensions that high. In my opinon you will gain do additional control or spin benifits and it will feel much harsher than your full bed of gut. I'm guessing if you play an oversize racquet you don't have a very fast swing. Without a fast swing there is nothing to be gained from poly imo. I think you'd be better off trying to mitigate the power of gut mains with a soft, control oriented multi in the crosses. Head RIP Control comes to mind. One of the softest strings out there and low power. You could keep your tenision where it is now. Poly is not for everyone. unless you are willing to experiment with gut/poly down in the low 50's or lower I don't reccomend it.
The only reason I use an OS is because I just got back into tennis after about a 15 yr layoff. This is the same racket I used as a junior player and now it is over 20 years old (made in 1988!). Being that I was away for so long from the game, the choices in rackets are overwhelming, so for now I am sticking with what I am familiar with. So, I wouldn't say my swing is slow, which is why I need to string up my tension at 65 lbs in order maintain some control.

However, thanks for confirming that the poly at such a high tension wouldn't work. I really do want to try this setup, but I'm afraid that if I drop the gut mains into the mid 50s in this OS, I wouldn't have control at all, even while using poly crosses. But then again, I have never used poly before so I really have no clue.

Another thing to point out is that I have an eastern forehand and hit low to high through the ball (agassi) as opposed to whipping it with topspin (Rafa). Because of my swing type, should I just forget about trying this setup?
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