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Originally Posted by Jerome2606 View Post
I can only be admiring !!!
Only big sizes available by your seller on the bay or also smaller sizes?
Well he has still a 12 online now, but I'm an 11 (not that big right haha) and he happened to have three pairs in my size. There are a size 10US and 9.5US on the bay but you'd spend a lot, but if you KNOW the VI's are for you, you might as well try and get a little discount through asking. I was lucky to get all those three below retail and the black pair I got right at retail plus tax and shipping. I mean if the right colorway( cough Oreo) came up in my size, I wouldn't hesitate to pay condierably more than retail....that's just because I know the VI are the shoe for me.

These honestly hardly ever come up in popular sizes, so you have to check very frequently because when they do come up, they usually don't last longer than 12-24 hours.
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