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Went out for a quick hit with my coach tonight, armed with the new Tecnifibre T-Flash 300. The racquet was strung with a full bed of TF X-Code 17 at 23kg. With overgrip and dampener it weighs 324.5g, so pretty much right on spec (318g strung).

The T-Flash is a very whippy frame, very maneuverable with decent, but not overwhelmingly Pure Drive-like power. Sweetspot feels smaller than on the Prince EXO Tour (but then again what racquet doesn't), but when hit correctly this thing rips. Racquet head speed is everything. It's also surprisingly comfortable for such a stiff as per its 72 RA rating racquet. I don't know wether that's due the silicone filled handle, which is, I think, a new feature for this iteration of the 300, or my supreme technique (lol), but I didn't feel any harsh vibrations at all. Just plain good feedback from the frame. Solid.

The strings, though, need to go. I didn't feel the magic of X-Code, like, at all, man. Pretty boardy. I think I'll cut it out and go for some good old gut. Plus maybe a leather grip and a touch of lead at 12 for a bit of extra beef. Might just work.
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