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As I said, I was cooling on the Exo, but your posts are keeping me interested. Good to hear your views on stability, contrasting with the APD, PresPro, etc... So poly mains, synth crosses, hmm, I will try that some time as I've intended to explore the hybrid option, even if I suspect it might not be entirely for me... Re my 2hbh (btw, although not the heaviest, I aim for reliability and try to mix it up spin and flat, very much a work in progress though ) - I've come to realise that 98-100" is what suits me best (although The Reb 95 was great for me what with the big SW and nice bit of heft.)


Cheers for customization lowdown. TBH, I've done some light hitting with the stock YTPP twice this week (strung with Hyperion @ 52lbs), and I have found it pretty low powered, and reminds me why I always felt/still feel mods and lower tensions are required here for my game (this is after I've had a break from the PresPros). Looking forward to hitting with my TGKPP again, but TBH, if it again doesn't seem to be quite happening, I'm probably going to focus on my APDs, at least until I get an Exo Tour to test!


Read post earlier saying the Head 98" head-size is actually in reality a 94" head-size... no wonder I'm finding that YTPP lacking a bit re forgiveness/oomph, whatever! I already knew about this strange measuring discrepancy, however, I didn't know Head MPs were a mere 94"... isn't that like a 'glorified' mid?... isn't the PB10 mid 93" or 94" or so?

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