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Originally Posted by L10-11 View Post
I have the Gamma 6400 and the 5800 I realy like both of these stringers. What I did not like was the mounting system on the 5800 over the 6400. I removed the six point on the 6400 and installed it on the 5800. I have no idea why Gamma put that six point on a stringer that cost twice as much as the 6400, and is twice as crapy. The problem was the set up. .The 6400 can be set up in a vert short amount of time, but the 5800 because of the many different knobs took much longer, and I don't believe the raquet was held any better. I do like the electronic machine better than the mechanical lock out because I think you get a better string job over all.
I have been a stringer for about five years.
I'll echo this. Get the better mounting system. You will NOT regret it.

Originally Posted by moosehead View Post
Do you know if the SC (Self Centering) version of the 6-point is worth the $100? On paper it looks good. Does anyone have any experience with it?
A thousand times, yes. I have the 2pt mount, and I like it. I had racquets pop out of the mount at first... it was... not something I expected from such an expensive machine. The levers are also oversized compared to something like a NEOS, and they can be bumped during stringing. Not the best 2 pt mount I've used, but it's sturdy and solid. I think i'd get the SC 6pt if I had the choice.

Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post

Lot's of newbies think electronic is better but the Stringway drop-weight with TRUE constant pull to the correct tension AT ANY ANGLE is superior in my not so humble opinion. Electronic motors wear faster than a steel weight on the end of a steel bar with steel cams in the interior of the tension device. Nothing as consistent as heavy metal and gravity. For $, this is best machine on market.
If you get the stand-up non-DW version, i'll agree. The DW version has its problems, but the tensioner is truly a pleasure to work with. Mounting system can be slow, and clamps can have excessive (IMO) drawback. I don't like pumping a weight, either. I have a bum shoulder.

OP: As far as overall take on the 5800, the tensioner is waaaay too far away from the frame, and requires a butt-load of string if you want to string one ahead (especially on the last string!). Traditional 6 pt mount from gamma leaves a lot to be desired. I HATED that the self centering mount was not avaialable on the 5800 when I got mine, but it really reduces the gap between the 5800 and 8800, so I understand why. Tensioner and features are nice, string measurer is nice (but I never use it, because I always have to pull so much extra string to reach the tensioner. I even MOVED the tensioner as close as possible to the turn table so it wouldn't hit when rotated, and it's still far. 2 pt mount can be better, but it is what it is.

Turn table brake is EXCELLENT, clamps are so-so for the price. I'd upgrade to switch action bases at the very least, but that puts you in Star5 range, IMO. If it were me, I'd either spring the extra K for the Star5, or get a used babolat, or go cheaper, for one of the ~$1K total machines. (6004 with wise, or something like that). Customer service is great to fall back on, but if you get a device that works as designed, you rarely need it. if you've been stringing 5 years, it's likely you can troubleshoot your own issues.
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