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Quick notes:

Played the 4.0 pusher was not really that close. I dropped 1 game out of 10. I strung up the stick with Dunlop Explosiv and POSG crosses..nice little setup for an old school poly I have laying round in a reel.

I don't really talk much about sticks at my club unless someone asked, but he was fascinated. He said I was hitting harder, the spin was kicking above his chest and shots that I would usually miss long were dropping in. As usual, returns were just great. I think he mentioned the racquet like 5

Final thing, and this was key for me against pusher types..I can hit extreme angles that kick the player off the court and leave me a wide open backhand winner. He mentioned that he had not really dealt with those shots from me before and really had no answer. The angled shots are really not too tough to rip at a high % if you have the right court position, so it adds a very nice weapon to my arsenal. He is fast and could get to my really hard shots that cleared the baseline, but the angles just pull him so far off the court.

Also, still am finding that I can vary my shots more..low driving strokes and also deep kickers that clear the net by 6 feet are both possible. It has to be due to the spin level. The power level with the extra 5-6 grams (due to poly and string grommets) is giving it plenty of boom, but I can still swing out with a lot of control.

Honeymoon continues..I am real happy with this badboy.

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