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Originally Posted by crystal_clear View Post
Good for you~

"After one hour, my arm, shoulder and back felt better than it has in months."
you must do things right. I will join a gym this winter and hopefully I can try some yoga classes too.

BTW, I'd love if my classmate is willing to correct my form.
I don't know if classmates should go around correcting each other. I also thought you weren't supposed to talk during yoga.

For instance, my classmate didn't know about my back/shoulder issue. The teacher did, 'cause I told her.

And I'm just going to come right out and say it: People who are really flexible can be *sooooo* obnoxious. They seem to struggle with the concept that some people are not flexible, were not born flexible, will never be flexible. Yes, they can get a bit more flexible if they work at it.

But there are limits. If someone promised to pay me $1 million if I could sit on the floor, spread my legs and touch my forehead to the floor between my legs, I would never win that money. The gumbies out there need to check their superior attitudes at the door.
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