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Diary dudes,

Really looking forward to taking out the TGKPP and APD tomorrow. If I have time I might also take the chance to look at one or two others that have come my way of late, though these aren't probably "serious contenders" and are more frames I'll probably pass on and have come via our UK racketaholics group. BTW the frames are the Speedflex 315 and the BC30... do I also want to look again at the 03 Tour with more lead @ 12???... Anyhow, update over.

Oh yes... just to say that, inspired by the likes of PP and the excellent mini-reviews (keep 'em coming re the Ex Tour!), and recalling such legendary posters/reviewers as, say, JLeLoach, PT630, Kal-El, and not forgetting the TT's esteemed play testers and reviewers like Spencer, Chris, Granville, etc, etc, well, I think in weeks to come I'm going to be posting up some of my own proper, in-depth, deeply analytical, painstakingly detailed and thorough reviews of my own.

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