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Originally Posted by pyrokid View Post
Well, I'm starting to realize the downside of the APD. I can hit harder, but regular rally strokes are more consistent and harder with the PST. And we all know who's got the control...
Thank you Mr. RossK..happy to contribute to the internet's most epic thread.

Pyro, I hear you on the pstgt. It sets up the big ball rather well. I am noticing that with the EXO as well. From what I was told I am hitting harder shots with more spin than the APD...I think that is simply because I can take a little bigger cut at the ball with confidence it's going to drop..with the spin I can get, everything does.

Prince had touched me here..brought me back to old school when as young man I wielded a Graphite 110 for most of my junior career, until graduating to the Pro 90. So this could be a full circle return. BTW, back then I knew nothing about racquets and Prince/Wilson was king. I would use POSG at 60#s and never though anything more about it.
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