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..... nice someone isn't bored enough to write a decent review of this frame... I'm too far eccentric and have lost my patience for writing frame reviews... (i think I compared the exo3Tours once to Sophia Loren, covered in barbeque sauce holding two double-barrel shotguns). Pretty accurate review you wrote up... which means the differences between the 18x20 and 16x18 are subtle.

Got some tid-bits for 'ya.... completely agreeing about the return of serve aspects of this frame... also enjoying the defensive and offensive capabilities of this frame. Very well balanced.

Do you find this stick to hold-up better against heavy spin players?... better than some stiffer counter-parts?

..I played a 35y.o. yesterday (rando at the public courts).. we were both practicing serve.. and I asked him if he wanted to hit around... he obliged me. The hitting session turned into a match.

Find-out he plays in 5.0 leagues....he was swinging what seemed to be a stock-YouTek RadMid+... and he was all about the EXTREME topspin game... I mean this guys' serves were kicking-up above my head... tall guy.. and I found myself standing 5feet behind the base-line... even on a brawl. His reverse fore-hands were extreme.. the same kick as on serve... his strokes were troubling me big time.

It was a war of attrition... and he was getting the edge on me. I decided to take a chance and come-up at net more often. Usually, holding a stiffer frame, the balls would be uncontrollable and some twisting would be going on.... it seems as if the exo3T's low flex absorbs heavy topspin balls better than any of the previous frames I have played with. I had better touch and directional control. Volleys felt great against those kind of spinners.

Could this be the reason Djoko's super flexy stick handles Rafa's spin better than Fed's frames????... hmmm.

I held my own against the guy... still lost... 6-4..7-5... just had a hard time anticipating those shots of his... but his back-hand was way off.... it seemed as if his serve, return and fore-hand and slices were 5.0 and his back-hand was <3.0... I just attacked that the whole match. But rarely do I play against someone who plays with that much spin.

We exchanged phone numbers... I'm devising my game-plan for the next session... at least I'll know what to expect.
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