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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post

Lot's of newbies think electronic is better but the Stringway drop-weight with TRUE constant pull to the correct tension AT ANY ANGLE is superior in my not so humble opinion. Electronic motors wear faster than a steel weight on the end of a steel bar with steel cams in the interior of the tension device. Nothing as consistent as heavy metal and gravity. For $, this is best machine on market.

If I were only stringing for myself I would probably go with either a Stringway or a LO. I have not doubts I would be perfectly happy with either. My situation however is that I plan on stringing for a lot of other people. All of which currently use electronic stringers. I am leaning towards electric for a couple of reasons: First I think I will be able to string various racquets faster with electric which is important for me as I am going to be stringing in the evenings after work and second I think it will give the other people I will be stringing for a more familiar feel with what they are use to.
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