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Originally Posted by pyrokid View Post
Well, I'm starting to realize the downside of the APD. I can hit harder, but regular rally strokes are more consistent and harder with the PST. And we all know who's got the control...
From your description, I think it boils down to mass.

Add some strategically placed weight on the apd and it will likely perform more in the manner of what you want.

I recall fondly the nasty ball the pst produces as it's basic rally stroke.

While the apd is never going to have the control of the pst, an apd in the mid 330's produces a heavy ball, stroke in and stroke out and it also has the easy putaway power that the pst doesn't have.

On another note, it's interesting that really only pro that plays with a Bab with a low static weight is Rafa. He seems to be the only one who can play with it like that (other than Moya and his was actually HH)

It seems most of the other apd/pd users are more in the mid to upper 340's in static, Tsonga is 350g strung and I think Odesnik's apd plus was the same. It's a much more arm friendly stick at those weights.
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