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[QUOTETurn table brake is EXCELLENT, clamps are so-so for the price. I'd upgrade to switch action bases at the very least, but that puts you in Star5 range, IMO. If it were me, I'd either spring the extra K for the Star5, or get a used babolat, or go cheaper, for one of the ~$1K total machines. (6004 with wise, or something like that). Customer service is great to fall back on, but if you get a device that works as designed, you rarely need it. if you've been stringing 5 years, it's likely you can troubleshoot your own issues.[/QUOTE]

Yeah I wish there were more choices in the $2000 range, I really don't want to go over that. I would be willing to buy a used machine to try to get into something like the Star5 but I haven't been able to find much yet.

If I were to go with the Wise solution what do you think of the Prince Neos 1500 over the 6004?
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