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Originally Posted by moosehead View Post
If I were only stringing for myself I would probably go with either a Stringway or a LO. I have not doubts I would be perfectly happy with either. My situation however is that I plan on stringing for a lot of other people. All of which currently use electronic stringers. I am leaning towards electric for a couple of reasons: First I think I will be able to string various racquets faster with electric which is important for me as I am going to be stringing in the evenings after work and second I think it will give the other people I will be stringing for a more familiar feel with what they are use to.
Feel wise, you should have a very similar string bed with the SW/LF machines. I think the root of what you are getting at is the "perception" issue. While the SW machines are touted as awesome on these boards (and IMHO, they are awesome), the perception of the public is that these machines will not produce as high quality a string bed as an electric/electronic machine. I was stringing at a relatively large tournament not too long ago, and I brought in a LF MS200TT as a backup machine (for late night large pile stringing [As you can probably tell, the tournament didn't supply us with a lot to begin with]). One of the coaches stayed late finishing up a match, and expressly asked not to be strung on the "drop crank."

The reality is that the SW will string a string bed similar if not negligibly identical to a "CP" electric machine. It's a great system. However, dropweights are equated with cheap, crappy machines.

Originally Posted by moosehead View Post
Turn table brake is EXCELLENT, clamps are so-so for the price. I'd upgrade to switch action bases at the very least, but that puts you in Star5 range, IMO. If it were me, I'd either spring the extra K for the Star5, or get a used babolat, or go cheaper, for one of the ~$1K total machines. (6004 with wise, or something like that). Customer service is great to fall back on, but if you get a device that works as designed, you rarely need it. if you've been stringing 5 years, it's likely you can troubleshoot your own issues.

Yeah I wish there were more choices in the $2000 range, I really don't want to go over that. I would be willing to buy a used machine to try to get into something like the Star5 but I haven't been able to find much yet.

If I were to go with the Wise solution what do you think of the Prince Neos 1500 over the 6004?
Tough call, I would go as far as to say flip a coin. The 2 point mount is also a thing of perception, lots of people involuntarily equate inside/"2" point mounts with lower quality. I'd personally prefer to work on the NEOS, but the quick mounting on the 6004 does not leave much to be desired. It's a great system. I haven't worked on the 1500, as there are none in my area, and I don't drop dozens of C-notes to demo machines . Both have switch action (as far as I can tell) clamps, both have good brakes and mounting systems. It's really a toss-up. I'd consider looking into after market support, but you probably won't need any, TBH.
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