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Originally Posted by tennisamba View Post
Can you compare the V10 and the Sportster, please?

Does a mod BB V1 play close to the Sportster?

Thank you!
The Sportster feels softer and a little more solid. Some felt that the BB V1 was a little hollow in feel, but it was extremely popular. Modifying the BB V1 will make it feel similar to the Sportster, but at a few grams heavier. Try one gram on each inside area of the "V", and 1.5 grams on the bridge, and see how it feels.

The V10 VE is a catapult, so there is a lot of power, plus, it is 315 grams unstrung, and of course, it is a V Engine. It is the player's version of the Catapult V1; heavier and a little stiffer. It is a hefty frame.
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