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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
I'm not worried about overdoing it for the same reasons you mention. I'm more worried about under-doing it if, for example, once a week isn't enough for it to be effective. Keep us updated on your results.
From what I understand, once a week isn't enough. Classes are expensive and for those who can't afford them, I strongly recommend using a DVD at home. The downside is that it can take you a while to find one that works for you, obviously eveyone has different biases so user reviews are not always helpful. Try the library or netflix or borrowing from friends or youtube or something.

On a personal note, I love the AM/PM stretch from Gaiam by Madeline Lewis. I have done enough dance/training/yoga/whatever to know how to modify the moves on my own because I'm not flexible, and the one drawback to this disc is that she does not have a second person working with her to demonstrate modifications. On the other hand, her instruction and cueing is pretty good and I am not yet tired of listening to her say the same things on repeated use of the disc. This is not yoga, it's stretching but its very helpful.

I haven't found the perfect yoga dvd yet. If anyone has any recommendations, please share them.
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