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Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
This is a great thread in the continuing mystery of what Roger really uses under the paint. Your findings are nearly spot on. However, the main difference we have found in our dissections at the Colorado School of Mines of both Roger's and the retail versions is the BLX Basalt Crystals found in Roger's are high end materials that sell on the Chicago exchange for $400 - 600 per ounce. While the retail uses cheaper BLX Crystals that are around $100 per ounce. The difference in the overall feel and control of the ball are light years difference between the 2. This is the secret to Rogi's near perfect game and why the average club player blows.
this was ironic
But my question is not the mold of fed's and retail,but the specs only.
Does all I wrote above have a good logic or not?
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