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Hello, well I must say that Fed's specs are waaay different from a retail frame, starting with balance, a stock strung BLX90 or K90 has a balance of around 29~30.5 cms and I say around because Wilson's quality control just sucks, in Fed's setup, he uses a balance of 32.2cms and very high swingweight his racquets weigh 364grams, he uses 4 3/8 grip whith just one wilson pro over grip, 10 string savers in a criss cross patter on the 4th and 6th crosses, he strings with babolat VS team at around 47~52 lbs and luxilon alu power rough at around 44~49, that's hes real setup, so to bring a stock frame to this specs you MUST remove weight from the handle because if you just add lead to the top at 12 o'clock you'll never reach 364 grams, so the general idea, is he gets select stock frames that are ligther so Mr. Nate Ferguson can easily bring the weight to 364 and achieve the desired balance.
Hope this helps!
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