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Just had another two hours of light hitting and indoors drills with Scorpion earlier today.

It really is a lovely feeling, comfortable yet crisp sort of string. The feel actually reminds me of a crisper version of Gosen white but with much more control, and obviously the poly 'thwack' instead of the cannon shot boom of Gosen white. Gosen users should like this, but the difference is - and its a big difference - is that Scorpion feels like a Premier League string compared to more 'Division 2' like qualities of Gosen (which is still a good string in the context of nylon synthetic guts).

Scorpion definitely doesn't generate the same amount of the pace, spin or action on the ball that BHBR does, which I noticed particularly on serves, but it does offer more control and greater overall consistency in stringbed response. This sting is more about constructing points and hitting pressuring shots to open up the court. My original comments remain the same but I may up the score for 'feel' by another half a point. I noticed a bit of tension loss by the end (total of 4 hours on the string thus far), with some shots feeling a bit loose. I will definitely go up to 53lbs or 54lbs CP next time. I hope that tension loss isn't going to be the fly in the oitment with this string.

6 sets of team matches tomorrow, so that's where the real test will come.

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