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Originally Posted by akybo View Post
Yes,the strung weight was with overgrip so without og (-8g ;-10g) thats the same weight as the retail.
What I didnt knew was the swingweight,I thought it is the same as the retail too.

R1CKSO,what's the swingweight of your racquet now?
Actually, the Wilson Pro Overgrip that Federer uses it not that heavy. It should only add about 0.15 oz (~4 to 5 grams) to the racquet. That would bring his racquet up to 12.65 oz. from the retail stock 12.5 oz. The other 0.15 oz. is from the bit of lead tape that's added under the bumper to bring his playing weight up to 12.8 oz. That lead also makes his racquet less headlight than retail (6 pts. HL vs. 9 pts. HL retail) and increases the swingweight from 336 (retail) to 355.
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