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Originally Posted by a0f6459 View Post
I really do want to try this setup, but I'm afraid that if I drop the gut mains into the mid 50s in this OS, I wouldn't have control at all, even while using poly crosses.
Personally I think the big question here is: what's the tension range on your racket?

I'm stringing my gut mains 1 lb under the minimum recommended range -- and the poly crosses 4 lbs under -- without any problems. Sure, balls that would've gone 6 feet out now go 15, but I'm also getting a lot more spin, touch, feel, and power as well -- not to mention how arm-friendly it is. Factor in the fact that I'm also hitting more winners and high bouncing shots, and I find that the pros far outweigh the cons.

I find that gut strings at low tensions don't act how synthetics would at the same lbs, so don't be too afraid to try it out.
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