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Default quick rules question - touching the net

we were playing a little o-d with the local pro feeding
yesterday. My buddy, playing on the other team, ran forward and did the supersharp angle shot that had already bounced once and was clearly unreachable by either me or my partner.....

but, before it had bounced a 2nd time, he could not keep from pretty much falling over the net. (it was really funny, he's a good 6'5", football tight end type and I think he almost broke the net cord) as we were laughing I said it was our point b/c the ball had not bounced yet......

the pro at first said that since it was not reachable by us (and clearly it was not) that it was his point even tho' the ball had not bounced twice (nobody disputed that it had not bounced twice). I protested and the pro relented and gaved us the point.

The sportsman in me dumped the next ball in the net and play continued.

But......tenchnically.......wasn't I right?
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