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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
I saw that video too but wasn't as convinced. Whenever someone shows me stills even the racquet is from varying angles which can easily give the perception of smaller head sizes... so pics of other frames look bigger by contrast - the pics in the "Huge news about Federer's racket" thread for example.

Notwithstanding, it's interesting to me what Ron says here and probably evidence that the stuff mentioned in the other thread was just the usual TT hype based on nothing other than some fool wanting to show he's in-the-know.

P1 do all of Roger's customising and stringing but would that include demo racquets he tried when not in-season? Ron?

I would have thought it's be simple and indeed astute of Wilson to easily have a couple of development guys who'd go to wherever Roger was training off-season (in Dubai for example where P1 don't service him if I recall from an old thread) and do some specific testing stuff right there and then with him - having multiple variations of flex/balance of a beta frame. How else would they ever develop the iterations of frames he's used otherwise? He is their biggest marketing plug so it makes sense to make best use of the the association.
Yes ofcourse he does secret testing without telling P1, ofcourse
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