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Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
Comparison of Federer Djokovic Nadal racquets.
Federer: 90 sq. in.

Joker: 98 sq. in.

Nadal: 100 sq in.

Total mass:
Federer: 357g-364 depending on surface, foe, etc.

Joker: 361g according to Greg Raven.

Nadal: 334-336g according to Greg Raven.

Swing wt.:
Federer: 338g according to Greg Raven but I think it's more like 355g with all that lead under the grommets.

Joker: 370g

Nadal: 355g according to Greg Raven.


Federer: 65

Joker: 51 according to Greg Raven but I think it's more like 65. FAIL!

Nadal: 65 with the apd original, the one he uses.

Lay up:

Federer: similar to stock, with higher quality crystals - FAIL!. ( He used to have a more open drill pattern with the ncode, at 9 crosses rather than 10 in sweet spot area, but has the same pattern as stock now.)

Joker: custom, head lay up no one can buy.

Nadal: original apd lay up with lead under the grommet at 12 and under the butt.


Federer: 48.5/45.7lbs vs team/alu

Joker: 61/59lbs vs team/alu

Nadal: used to use duralast for ten years, now uses RPM at 54/52lbs.

Feel of the sticks:

Federer: like a muted stone, with high power in the small sweet spot and iffy outside of it.

Joker: depends on if his RA is 51 or 65 like the h22 he used to use- FAIL!. Rock like power and control.

Nadal: stiff, light, head heavy, with a soft thud on the RPM, lots of spin, tough to serve and get power flat wise.

Grip size:

Federer: L3 with over grip

Joker: L4 with two over grips

Nadal: L2 with over grip.

Set up for their game:

Federer: demanding sweet spot with lots of power, smaller head size makes his 16 x 19 more like an 18 x 20. - FAIL!

Joker: 18 x 20, Perfect for his game, flat out power, great control, higher tension yet softer on the cross for more snap back control, more lead than the others on the inside of the frame, going down to below the last cross by about an inch or so.

Nadal: Total spin set up, 16 x 19 with a spin string, small grip for more torque and quicker rotation, stiff RA for power, head heavy for spin.

Moment of inertia for each:

20.33 for Nadal
20.65 for Fed
21 for Joker, giving him more plow through, but tougher to get moving, more depth, but more risk of going long by an inch.

Similarities: I think all three are at an RA of about 65, including Joker, who is listed at 51. I think all three sw are close, except joker is a little higher, with more lead than the others. So if all three are at 65 Ra, and all three are sw at 355g-370g, that should tell us something. A high sw, and a high RA, allow for more power/plow through on shots. Fed's lower tension on a smaller head size gives the same snap back as Joker at 61/59lbs. Rafa has more snap back at 54/52lbs, in a 100 sq. in. apd frame, which would provide more spin. The lower snap back of Fed and Joker, in a tighter pattern, give them more depth/flatter trajectory and deeper landing shots than Rafa given the same force vectors applied to the bed. The vs team/alu combo, also gives more power than the rpm, which is a spin string, not a power string, and feels soft and thud like, not crisp and powerful as vs/alu feels, with RPMs hexagonal shape. Fed and Joker have power flat type set ups, and Rafa is all spin. But we already knew that by watching their games! Also the RA increases after the frames are strung, so their strung RAs are really about 2-3 points higher at 67-68 RA. That's a lot of pop for big hitters to control. Notice Murray at about 60-63 RA with his pt57A 16 x 19 alu/vs combo, strung at 62/61lbs, lighter mass at 347g, (he was at 364g but hurt his wrist) and his less powerful shots, with his more flexible frame and less powerful hybrid set up, as gut as cross is far less powerful than gut as main. (Hey, Murray, add the lead back on, switch the vs to the mains, and get a frame with an RA of 65, and talk to me about how much you like it. If you want to run with the big boys, you have to have the plow through, and they beat you up when it counts, as too many of your shots have not enough on them to counter the greater plow through of the stiffer RA, and gut as main.) Your equipment is holding you back and there is no way you are ever going to win a slam that way. Cut out the whining and the negativity, it only helps your opponents feel calmer and more sure about winning. So we will see if he has the heart to listen.
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