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It was inevitable. Nadal in three.

A lot of nerves showed from both players. Nadal seemed to be a little rusty and occasionally didn't use the good shot selection (too much concerned about finishing the points early, maybe he's thinking a little too much about playing on hard and being aggressive, just like hard court specialists are too much concerned about the clay style of play). But the good news is that his serve worked well at the crucial times (e.g. on his match points and one for Rochus). Well, a win is a win. Not so bad start for Nadal.

Rochus choked and/or his legs seemed gone at the third set. Footwork went too sloppy especiall when the ball was hit near/to him. Still it's always amazing to watch how he hits his backhand (usually over/around the shoulder). It must be a tough loss for him. He lost a big chance.
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