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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I thought you were supposed to focus on your own deal in yoga. Don't judge me!
haha, i couldn't help but imagine you squeeing like a teenage girl saying that lol.

i rarely do yoga now, but i loved playing tennis right afterwards when i did. the body is so warm and relaxed and everything feels great after a session.

in one p.e. intensive semester at college i had jazz dance and yoga back to back in the morning. at this point i could barely touch my ankles. after 2 months i could touch the floor no problem, in fact i somehow retained much of the flexibility now (over 1 year later), can still touch the floor magically, usually the flexibility goes away a few months later if you don't practice at it.

if you have a good instructor, and it sounds like you do, they won't push you into doing the full stances, they will show you modified stances and sometimes use different equipment and build you up to the full stance over time.

as for the people thinking yoga isn't tough, drop by any p90x threads and i'm sure they'll tell you otherwise.
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