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It's easy to destroy and criticize, and hard to create and improve. Typing Fail means nothing, other than a low vocabulary and an inability to add, as he says 10 fails, yet types 4. Just another keyboard jerk on the forum with nothing to add, and lots to subtract. Here is the h22 joker used to use with an RA of 65:,r:0,s:0 Fed frames are made with higher quality control, just as h22s are made in a diffferent room in China than stock kblades. Similar material, with higher quality control. The physical space inbetween the strings with a 90 sq. in. frame at 16 x19, is almost the same as a 98 sq. in. frame at 18 x 20, with a 10% smaller head size, the spaces are smaller, and grab the ball similarly as an 18 x20 in a 98in. frame. As for the RA, I am only guessing, due to the power joker has displayed, not possible with such a flexible frame in my experience.

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