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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Hit with VS Team mains and SPPP for another 3 hours and it seems that the string is not as solid as before.

I felt some vibration that wasn't there before so it looks like the string has a good 8 to 10 hours of solid play. The string is still playable but didn't have that great control and solid feel like a fresh set of string.

I will be trying a different tension to see if this makes any difference in my next setup.
Not able to resist the hype, i've also been trying VS Gut hybrids lately and my experience has been very similar to yours. VS Team / WC Silverstring was literally too good to be true the first 3~4 hours. I was thrilled as i don't break too many strings and Silvestring is said to be hands down the best poly available in terms of tension maintenance. Crossed with gut, that absolute best in this department, i thought this was going to be the best value job i ever strung.

But it happened; after 4 hours or so, the string bed became anemic and dead feeling. I actually told my partner that i thought the balls were dead, but he laughed as he had just opened new cans.

I sprayed a little lube on the sweetspot today and i feel like it might have restored a little bit of the initial magic.
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