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Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
It's easy to destroy and criticize, and hard to create and improve. Typing Fail means nothing, other than a low vocabulary and an inability to add, as he says 10 fails, yet types 4. Just another keyboard jerk on the forum with nothing to add, and lots to subtract.
Its just a fact that you post wrong info, I pointed out your fails so you have a chance to correct them and not make a fool out of yourself. Why make a post full of wrong info?, thats exactly why ppl get confused on the internet - ppl posting BS all the time and says "I think it is like this".
You ever seen ppl typing "10 characters", in this case I think "10 fails" is more suitable.
In fact I know you are wrong and ppl should know that, if noone made that clear we would see ppl repost your fantasy specs all over the board. I can say that Fed is using a big bubba with 6.1 tour pj because theres no way he can get that power from a 90", but that doesnt make it correct does it?.
A guy your age should know better than this, its pure speculations and not facts. But I guess we should take your words for it because you "think" its like that.
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