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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
"In the industry, Federer’s racket is generally considered the most challenging to handle, above all for the recreational set. Its 580-square-centimeter, or 90-square-inch, head is the smallest in use by a leading player today, although Aleksandr Dolgopolov and the rising star Grigor Dimitrov use the same model, but with a 93-square-inch head."
You are posting a "blog" as evidence.
I just read the whole NYTimes article which he claims is his source and nowhere is the Dimitrov so called 93 sq inch racquet mentioned.
That's his "inside info" a.k.a speculation.
The NYTimes article just "invents" a subject and puts some "bla bla" around it...there's nothing "new" in there either.
There is no way in h3ll Wilson would make a special one of a kind racquet for DIMITROV.
For Federer...that's possible. For Dimitrov ?? Not unless hell freezes over or he gets to be top 5-ish.
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