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Originally Posted by RJYU View Post
I'd like to know where you get your information from. How do you know Roger is playing with different specs? I think he's playing with the same specs as always.
Thanks as always for the info Ron. Interesting in light of the recent prototype that I played with. I was told by the person who had it that this was a prototype of "Roger's new racquet".

Given your comments and other people's comments in the thread it would appear that it may in fact be part of a new box beam line of racquets and this would be the "Team" version.

Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
I saw that video too but wasn't as convinced. Whenever someone shows me stills even the racquet is from varying angles which can easily give the perception of smaller head sizes... so pics of other frames look bigger by contrast - the pics in the "Huge news about Federer's racket" thread for example.

Notwithstanding, it's interesting to me what Ron says here and probably evidence that the stuff mentioned in the other thread was just the usual TT hype based on nothing other than some fool wanting to show he's in-the-know
Bobby I hope you don't feel I misrepresented what I posted there with the pictures. I thought I had made it clear that the information I had was only on the authority of the chap who let me hit the racquet.


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