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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
No, not at all. Your post was one of the only ones in that thread worth reading. It's mostly other people who post saying their Wilson rep told them so and so.

That aside, I doubt any local Wilson rep would be in possession of an actual Fed prototype - let alone lend it to a coach. I have no issue with prototypes per se and in fact have seen and played with a few over the years myself. But with organisations like it is highly unlikely that someone at the public/retail interaction level would be in possession of a truly special prototype. Reps, as they are incline, tend to make anything sound better than it really is. If that entailed saying a frame is a Federer prototype then I wouldn't doubt most would claim it or suggest it.

The reality is, outside of a very, very small group no-one even within Wilson would know what was in the works for Federer (frame and development-wise). There is absolutely no need for them to, and it would achieve nothing other than being a business risk for Wilson.
Ah ok, you have me worried for a minute there .

Yeah I never thought it was an actual Federer prototype racquet if you see what I mean, more "The Federer Racquet" prototype i.e the one that was going to have his signature on it in the shops as opposed to something he plays with. Turns out from what I can tell it's likely going to be a series by (i.e. several different models) but it's just one big rumour mill at the moment so who knows. Personally I doubt the big man himself will change much if at all.

Always good to see Ron in here injecting the odd bit of info or disproving something. Good tweets from P1 also.
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