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Originally Posted by ART ART View Post
Yes, Fed is playing with different specs since last months

Those values you post, I have posted in the past, you can search for it here on TT.

I will have the new specs in the next days...

Originally Posted by RJYU View Post
I'd like to know where you get your information from. How do you know Roger is playing with different specs? I think he's playing with the same specs as always.
Originally Posted by ART ART View Post
At Last

You are right !

This is the information that wilson and his toys, don't wanna spread to the public !

Many will came back and say that this insn't true... just wait and see !

And YES Fed made some changes, and tested other rackets.

Money talks here...
I for one see no reason to trust ART ART over RJYU, but maybe ART ART can give me one?
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