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Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
2" different lead on frame to frame, side to side, is a lot of lead to explain factory differences in swing wt. I think some are set up head heavier for a reason, not that they all are matched to swing wt. fed lead tape. That's a lot of weight, 4" of lead on each side, 8" total, is about 7grams heavier, and Fed's frames are ranged from 357g-364g on purpose. It's not to balance out the specs, it's to give more plow through on some frames for serving/vs. returning. He switches them up.
Gamma quarter inch leadtape is 1/4 gram pr inch, so that would be about 2 grams. Very likely for matching purposes. If otherwise, I believe the rackets would be organized more systematically. Just my 2 c.
Also, I dont think anyone here has ever seen Federer change racket for serving/recieving.
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