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Originally Posted by 0d1n View Post
You are posting a "blog" as evidence.
I just read the whole NYTimes article which he claims is his source and nowhere is the Dimitrov so called 93 sq inch racquet mentioned.
That's his "inside info" a.k.a speculation.
The NYTimes article just "invents" a subject and puts some "bla bla" around it...there's nothing "new" in there either.
There is no way in h3ll Wilson would make a special one of a kind racquet for DIMITROV.
For Federer...that's possible. For Dimitrov ?? Not unless hell freezes over or he gets to be top 5-ish.
Um...the original New York Times article was posted here back in June:

I even posted about the mention of Dimitrov's racquet being 93 sq. in. in that thread back in June:

Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
"In the industry, Federerís racket is generally considered the most challenging to handle, above all for the recreational set. Its 580-square-centimeter, or 90-square-inch, head is the smallest in use by a leading player today, although Aleksandr Dolgopolov and the rising star Grigor Dimitrov use the same model, but with a 93-square-inch head."

I don't think that's true. I'm almost positive that Dolgopolov uses a PS 6.0 95 under his paintjob, and I thought Dimitrov uses a Tour 90. Now maybe Wilson has a 93 sq. in. version of the Tour 90 that they give to the pros, but Dolgopolov at least, isn't using it. And if it actually exists, why don't they just sell it to the public? They would sell tons of them!
Since then, obviously Wilson asked the NYT to remove that part of the article because they are trying to sell Dimitrov's racquets as the BLX90 and don't want to reveal in something as widely read as the NYT that it's a paintjob. That's why I linked the other website as it captured the original NYT article and not the current NYT website link as that has since been edited.

Oh, and Wilson isn't making a "one-of-a-kind" frame just for Dimitrov. It's probably a standard frame they've had for some time that they only give to their sponsored pros. I pretty sure many other pros also use it, including Mahut. What's so surprising about this? Many racquet companies make racquets that are not sold to the public but are only available to their sponsored pros. For example, Dunlop made a custom mold which pros like Blake, Haas, and Berdych amongst others used to use. They also had another mold which Fish used, and a different one which Robredo used, etc. Thus, Dimitrov is just choosing from the Wilson molds available to him.
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