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Originally Posted by a0f6459 View Post
I know I'll always be a flatter hitter (does not mean no topspin, just not rafa type topspin) because of the way I learned to play tennis, but I would like my string setup to give me the spin when I need it, namely for consistency during rallys and extra spin to put away the short balls.
Given what you've said here, I'd say go for it.

First off, I don't think these strings will be durable enough for rafa-style swings, and second, you'll certainly benefit somewhat given what you said at the end there.

The copoly crosses should definitely take off at least some of the power you experience from gut crosses and you'll probably notice more spin in any event. But you should probably start low, near the bottom of your range, if only because you potentially stand to gain the most benefits from low tensions.

Good luck -- and please post your reviews!
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