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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Good lord.

Whoever heard of someone getting an injury from Yoga?

I've now done three yoga classes over the last 10 days, and I seem to have messed up my foot. See, you have to do all of this stuff barefoot. And you have to do things like down dog (palms on floor, butt in air, feet on toes). I seem to have sprained my big toe -- must have been too aggressive with my down dog.

i think injury would be quite common because of the way people hold the postures. one of the biggest issues is with the shoulder stands, many people actually put weight on their necks and end up with horrible neck pain down the line.

as for me, i get really sore wrists from all the downward/upward dogs and planks. i don't know how you messed up your foot though.

Originally Posted by Fedace View Post
did Yoga originate in India ?
i'm pretty sure it did. i believe my yoga instructor told me that it was a daily routine in india to begin the day.
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