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Originally Posted by a0f6459 View Post
In that case for me I should give 59/55 a try? WOW, the thought of that seems like i'd be putting the ball into the fence every time. However, since I don't know the effect of poly in a hybrid I can only go by recommendations.

I string for myself so costs are manageable. You think 59/55 is a good starting point? Do you find yourself purposely having to apply more topspin to keep the ball in, or will a nice smooth natural swing do?
I'd say try 57x53. Remember that you'll naturally get more spin from the crosses. And if it's still launching, put in some string savers in the middle 5 or 6 mains about halfway between the sweetspot and the top cross. They'll have the effect of stiffening the tension by a couple of pounds.

All the rest will be trial and error. You may need to dial down your swings for a couple of hours until you get comfortable.

If it helps, remember that Djoker's tension is 56 and Fed 48.

Oh -- and I'm guessing that your 80s stick weighs 12+ oz. If not, that's the only scenario in which I would consider revising the tensions upwards.
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