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At tension, Pac Classic 17 sure looks quite a bit thinner: more like 1.20 or so.

And at least in theory, less surface area in contact between the mains and the crosses should mean less friction. Which helps explain why thinner gauges tend to correlate with more spin.

If you're doing Pac 17, I'd strongly encourage Co-Focus 1.18. In fact, I'd even suggest it wth Pac 16L.

As for racket weight. If you were wielding a significantly sub-12oz stick, I'd increase tensions by a couple of pounds. But because you're in need of a reference point, I'd suggest sticking to 57.

Oh, and one more thing: because the setup will need several hours to break in, give it at least 8-10 hours before coming to any firm conclusions about it, including the tension. It'll be at its least spinny the very first moment you hit with it, and after about 5-7 hours, you'll really notice the change.
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