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Originally Posted by Merlin703 View Post
I ordered one, just to try it. I had those that you add pressure while closing it but it's heavy and because of the material used cracks easily.
I'm more interested on a device that can add/keep the ball pressure at higher quantities to be used with my ball machine. $200+ sounds kind of expensive for a simple piece of plastic made by the company (I can't remember the name).

People post here that you can make one of paint barrel (or similar) but I do find those posts useless when there is no link on "How To" actually do them. Maybe just a simple list of all the components needed with links would be really useful for most of us.
I heard that using a garden sprayer bottle can work just as well.
the ones that you have to pump pressure in to for things like weed killer and other such chemicals.
I have had a look in to it and only a few of them have a pressure gauge on them.
if you can find one with a big enough neck to fit the balls in and one that will take enough pressure, I don't see why it wouldn't work.
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