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Originally Posted by slice serve ace View Post
after making first 2 1st serves in the 2nd set, becker's 1st serve pct was healthy 61 %. than he missed 15 1st serves in a row
that is the longest streak of missed 1st serves i ever saw (so far) ; mcenroe " boris is serving at what, 15 pct this set?, wait, it's 12.5 pct...i gave him too much credit there"
after that, becker's pct to the end of the match was again 61 %. so he basically served 61 % minus that black hole of 15 missed serves
I found one more -- Sampras missed 15 in a row against Chesnokov in Davis Cup.

It started at 3-all in the first set (which Sampras went on to lose 6-3) and ended in his opening service game of the second set.
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