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Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
From a top stringer, on the grand slam stringing team for Wilson. The quality rooms are different in China for the pros sticks, and they use higher quality material according to him. In one tourny he strung 175 frames, more than any other stringer there.
Well Federers stringer says the racket is of the rack. But maybe he did not string 175 rackets in one tourney. Never heard of a "quality room". And you said "similar material, with higher quality control" a few posts back, confusing...
Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
He changes every 8 games. I've weighed the tape and it weighs more than that on a digital scale, but that's with the tape backing on. I may have gotten a bad read.
Yes he changes with the balls. He doesn't mix it up for serving/recieving as you said.
Yup, guess you got a bad read. And LOL at the tape backing making any serious difference, sorry.
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