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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
So DCDoorknob. Maybe next time you have a weak partner or are getting killed, think about playing two back. If you are worried that your female partner doesn't have the groundstrokes or mobility to do this, consider having her play at the baseline closer to the alley, with you taking everything else. Your opponent will probably spray a lot of balls trying to reach your partner.

Cindy -- whose male opponent said on a changeover late in the match that he had never had so many balls go over his head in a match before
Well I'm certainly open to the possibility of that working, and I'll try to keep it in mind next time, thanks! I guess maybe sometimes I am hesitant to start playing back myself as somewhat of a stubborn, ego driven thing. I like my volleys, and if I'm not coming up with them in a given match, usually my focus is on making sure I am ready to react quicker and start making my volleys than on playing 2 back. But I can see how it could certainly work in certain situations.

This particular guy wasn't really your huge basher prone to overhitting though, he was more of a very solid, consistent guy with decent pace and very good placement. So I"m still not sure the 2 back thing would have worked in this case, as he just seemd to be able to find my partner without much trouble, and had enough placement + some pace to give her trouble, but hey it probably would have given us a better chance then what I was trying, which honestly amounted to me running around at net like a chicken with my head cut off while they just waited and hit the ball to the open court. (I'm assuming this is all referring to my first match in that OP and not one of the others...)

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