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There are pics in the forum, comparing joker's frame to a stock, showing diff. such as grommets, drill pattern, etc. The frame they are passing off as his is not close. I have put up the comparison here to make a point. Should not be a shock to see that none of them are using the stock frames or stock materials, other than Nadal with the apd orig., but they are telling you folks out there it's a cortex! The conclusion I made still stands: Joker RA is not 51, it's way stiffer. Murray is too light and too flexible, with the wrong string set up alu/vs team not enough pop or plow through. Nadal is too light on total mass, and as a result, too many of his shots are short, same with Murray. Murray is not stiff enough with the pt57A, for pop. What's just as obvious is, neither guy will change, regardless of their own results on tape, and both will regret it down the line badly. The gen pop doesn't care either, that they are being lied to, fooled into buying frames that are not as advertised, which is false advertising. I would like to file a class action suit on behalf of all the people being falsely led into buying the lies. Any lawyers out there with me? Look at what happened to Nike, when she sued them in SF. They were forced to admit their lies, and began to offer the Tiger ball to the gen pop. Head is the worst, with no one using what is advertised. Who cares about Prince, as they are going under anyway. Wilson quality control sucks outside the Fed room. Does no one care at all?

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