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Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
So let's say you have a guy in your league who has both feet inside the baseline..on every serve. You notice this during warmup and when you see the guy playing on adjoining courts.
I used to foot fault a lot (one foot), by a 1-3 inches, until one of the players in the club that I play with regularly mentioned it to me. He also gave me a tip, just start a few inches further back. It worked beautifully, and I was grateful for the help. I actually asked him to tell me every time he sees me foot fault. I think if you are polite about it, you won't have any issues, and he might actually thank you for it. Just let him know that you don't really care, but someone else might, especially if he plays USTA leagues or tournaments, so it's better to try to fix it during practice or a friendly game.
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